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Name:Floyd Lawton
Location:United States of America

[OOCly, because I feel like I owe some sort of explanation to anyone that is brave enough to click on this and see the profile:

This journal is exclusively for DC_Nation.

His Canon:
(...yeah, he hasn't gone through Secret Six, even though he talks a bit like that Floyd at times and has some of his characteristics.)
A More Detailed History Before Detective Comics #474 And A Bit After:

Canon Added Since:
Finding jobs, both of the legal and illegal varieties, has gotten hard for Floyd--while not completely dry, opportunities are limited. His rep has diminished with a near 5-year streak of unsuccessful kills and clean of hits. Bones' plan for a Helix team fell through due to budgeting problems and Floyd was simply kept on for occasional odd-jobs. He also had a very short stint with the Squad (that has yet to be posted in-game, but was mentioned and the plans exist and were approved by an admin). Floyd told his kid about Deadshot. His kid was perfectly alright with it and adjusted scarily well to it. Well...Floyd wasn't alright with that. After (maybe) talking to his newly-resurrected wife in a cemetery, he decided to take his dear daughter to his former therapist and do some damage-control. These occurrences, in addition to the events that have happened to him in the last 5 years, have made him question who exactly he is anymore. While more or less in this state of mind, he drunkenly signed up to do an Interpol job with Vera Black (who, by the way, has been in Elite in-game, but in a different Elite that was also sponsored by the American government and run by Amanda Waller). (And, yes, Floyd is a rather amusing drunk. Here's proof:
His daughter ( is now 9 years old (because if DC can erase 60-some years of a character's continuity, I can retcon someone's age). After moving the old couple that babysat his little girl, Floyd and his daughter moved out of Suicide Slum; he made the promise that they would never return. Within less than 24 hours of moving in, Floyd found out that Vera Black's team will have their first mission and dropped his daughter off with the old couple while he went to prepare for the mission. Meanwhile, Zoe's mom has come back from the dead.

Get all that? Great. Thanks for being brave enough to click and read this.

Have a nice day.

And treat yourself to some Evil Dead:]

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spoiling kids, staying employed
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